Possibly Pixels is a Belgian multimedia studio focusing on games and interactive media. Our specialization lies in beautiful, handcrafted content for web, mobile and pc. Besides creating our own original content, we also work for third parties to add value to their brand or activities. If you are interested in our services, check out below what we can offer you.
3 Goats And A Troll, Interactive Story Book App



Omino Bianco Advergame
Research shows that casual gaming is an effective way of boosting consumer engagement. We can create a tailor-made advertisement game to promote your product, your services or your company in general. You give us a short brief of your intentions, and we'll design and develop a concept that suits your business goals and company identity.

Serious Games

Over the last couple of years, serious games have gained in popularity. Serious games are games with a specific goal besides entertainment. This could be training of employees, education, raising awareness and many more. Having an academic background in game research, our team members have worked on many serious game projects and know how to translate a specific goal into an exciting concept.
Dudeman and Sidegirl, Serious Game For Preschoolers

Interactive Installations

We can work with several dedicated input devices, such as the Midi Fighter
Advancements in hardware allow the creation of ever more engaging interactive installations that capture the curiosity of visitors, clients and possible partners. Tailor-made for your event or location, we can come up with the design of the entire installation, or develop an engaging application to run on the hardware setup you created.

Promotional Material

We can create different types of digital artwork and animations to serve as promotional material for your business. Together with you we can brainstorm about the content, storyboard and/or artstyle, to come up with an advertisement that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.
Promotional 2DAnimation for Kreapaint


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