Company History

Possibly Pixels was founded in 2013 by Jelle Husson, Lieven Van den Audenaeren and Jeroen Wauters.
All of them previously worked together at the e-Media Research Lab of Group T in Leuven.
After years of working on several research projects about games and interactive applications,
they decided to found an independent studio to do client work and commercial projects.
Lieven Van den Audenaeren

A millennial and a digital native, always passionate about video games and computers.
Worked as a Unity3D developer in multiple projects over the last 10 years
and likes to think that Unity3D has no more secrets for him,
although the engine keeps on ever evolving.
Specializes currently as an AR/VR developer.
In his spare time, Lieven likes cycling and spending time with his daughter.
Jeroen Wauters

Having been playing videogames since he was 5 and making them since he was 15, he describes himself in one word as ‘gamer’, with ‘game developer’ as a close second.
Is a generalist rather than a specialist, with experience in programming, design, 2D and 3D art and animation, and more.
When not making games, he is training the next generation of programmers as a lab teacher at KULeuven.
Likes Lego and animals (but not cat hair).

Current collaborators
Ewout De Vos

Ewout is a game developer with a passion for nature. This led him to work with us as a freelancer on Kingfisher. He is currently hosting a photography exhibit on the European Chamois in Castle Beisbroek in Brugge.
Nadia du Preez

Nadia is currently finishing her master's degree in Game Design at Luca School of Arts. She moonlights at Possibly Pixels as an all-round 3D modeler.
Jules Durand

Jules is a student at Haute École Albert Jacquard who is currently completing an internship as a prop modeler at Possibly Pixels.

Former colleagues
Jelle Husson

Jelle was one of the co-founders of Possibly Pixels. An all-round game developer with a focus on 2D and 3D art, a passion for DJing and cooking and pretty great dude. He died early in 2022.
Douwe Ravers

Douwe graduated as an industrial engineer electronics/ICT in September 2022, and is currently working on a PhD. He worked on Ysvogel in 2022, mainly focusing programming with a specific focus on procedural generation.
Guillaume Massart

Guillaume was a student of game art at Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard when he interned at Possibly Pixels as an environmental modeler for Kingfisher in 2023.
Gauthier de Booseré

Gauthier is a 2D and 3D artist who worked on character modeling for Kingfisher in 2022 and 2023.