The Innkeeper

From 2021 to 2023 we were involved in the creation of 'De Herberg' / 'The Innkeeper', a game to make teens experience the world through the eyes of someone with ADHD. The game was fully realized in Dutch and English and is playable on Android tablets.

The project was created in collaboration with KULeuven's Faculty of Clinical Psychology and e-Media Research Lab. Members of Possibly Pixels co-designed the game with clinical psychologists, serious game researchers and a user group of teens with ADHD. We were also responsible for the scenario and development. For graphics we relied mainly on existing asset packs to save on development costs, though we did create some custom interface art and 3D-models as well.

In the game, players take on the role of a medieval innkeeper whose establishment will be visited by the nation's stern and judgemental king. They have to prepare a majestic feast and clean the inn before nightfall, or they risk triggering the king's legendary temper. But time is short, and things are not made easier by a world full of distractions...

The game has been used in an extensive randomized control trial in Flemish high schools, with further research planned in 2024.