AR Bruegel Game

Since April 2019, the expo "De wereld van Bruegel" ("The World of Bruegel") has been running in the open-air museum of Domain Bokrijk.

As a part of the expo, they wanted to include a digital gaming experience that supports the expo and guides the visitors around the museum.

The project involved many different parties, under the lead of Toyfoo bvba.
Possibly Pixels was responsible for game design and development, and created the entire digital system that combines : Augmented Reality, RFID chip technology, Database logging, 2D & 3D graphics, and Game Mechanics.

When visitors enter the open-air museum, they receive a personal bracelet with an rfid chip. With this bracelet they can choose a virtual hat to wear, collect virtual objects throughout the domain, play unlockable minigames and compete in a contest. Currently the game has already been played by over 80.000 people, and the project has been renewed one final time for the 2023 season.